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Portraits oil on canvas

I'm now offering commission work on portrait paintings.  If its your favorite Athlete or hero and you have the picture you want I will paint that too.  I'm also available to take pictures of your sporting event if you would like me to capture the portrait in the moment.  from these pictures I can go back and paint the portrait in the studio.  this will give me a broader perspective of the event to add to the painting.   I only ask for a deposit to cover the travel cost within the sacramento area.  

to get started All you have to do is email me the portrait picture you want painted along with any other pictures for reference and I will start painting.  Please see the instructions and list of prices below.  I will leave a two inch border around the canvas to strecth yourself or I can stretch the canvas for you at an additional cost.  the extra cost will go towards the stretcher bars needed to hang the painting.  When I'm finished with the painting I will email you an electronic copy for your approval and make any necessary changes you may request.  Once you approve the painting then it will be shipped.  I currently have a 15 day turnaround time.  If for some reason there is a delay I will contact you by phone or email you immediately.  I have been Oil painting for ten years and have dedicated my life to the arts.  if for some reason your not happy with the painting within 30 days I will refund you the full amount.  


  1. Go to store page and Choose how many people are in your portrait and desired size or click on the following links for One person, two people or three people
  2. After your order is complete email me your picture with confirmation number along with any reference pictures if you can to: I will send you an email within 10 hours of payment to let you know I have begun painting.  
  3. upon completion of your painting I will send an electronic copy for your approval.  if you request any changes i will make them immediately.  keep in mind any changes might require a couple more days to dry.  

portrait price list

  • $30 non refundable deposit fee to travel to event within the sacramento area and take pictures. 

if your out of the sacramento area and you would like me to photograph your event or ceremony for the portrait please email or call me and we can get something worked out.  


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