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Original artwork and custom picture framing.   

Custom Framing

Custom Framing

Picture Frames

  With odd size frames in mind lets design something to capture the art work or picture you want to display.  All frames are hand made with quality.  I look at making frames the same as I do when creating art, making everything with care.    Giving art its home to properly be displayed is what makes a good frame.  Also by adding matting or picture floating can make a photo or art work stand out more. As an artist I want to make sure my art is being seen so having it displayed correctly is very important.  Every frame is designed with attention and care that every piece of important artwork or photo deserves.  Those moments are precious so why not preserve them?
*  The standard width of most frames are 1 1/2" but can be adjusted all the way up to 2 1/2".  Since sizes may vary please allow one week for the frame(s) to be completed before shipping. 
  Please contact for quotes.  See below for all samples.  Please keep in mind that all colors can be mixed and matched to your liking, the colors on the samples below are not set in stone.   

Frame Styles

Shadow Boxes and Jersey Frames

  I also offer custom size shadow boxes and jersey frames.   Every shadow box and jersey frame is designed with light weight quality wood like poplar and ash.  I do not use particle wood with a laminate finish, although these woods are fairly inexpensive they can damage easily and don't last as long.  Once water gets underneath the laminate wood it will be damaged forever, thats when you'll see the wood swell and break apart.  I specialize in giving a long lasting product that will protect your precious displays from the elements like UV light and dust.  Although using acrylic with UV coating won't block out all UV light totally it will preserve the colors for a longer period of time.  Since everyones' need for a shadow box differ in size and use please contact me for quotes.


***All my Jersey frames start at $299 which includes two colors for matting, UV acrylic, matching color around the frame to match matting and corner insert for card or photo.  All matting and backing is acid free archival material.  Please contact for more info.  


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