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Inspiration process "The in betweens"

I find it hard sometimes to draw up inspiration for a particular piece.  It seems I'm interested in to many things like sports, movies and the outdoors.  This gets to be overwhelming when I'm trying to decide what to paint or draw.  My mind gets overloaded and then deciding what to create becomes a task in itself.  Once I finally decide what to paint I then grow a remorse for another subject matter I think to be more inspirational.  At this point I then have an unfinished painting on my hands because another subject matter has completely pulled my attention away.  When something like this happens I just let it occur naturally because I know now that I always come back to it later.  When I finally do get back to finishing up a piece of art I would usually have more than one unfinished piece by this time.  I then line the artwork up and finish them one by one.  This also draws allot of inspiration knowing that I'm about to finish two more pieces that I can add to my collection.  They usually don't take long because much of the work has already been completed.  Its like I'm tricking my mind into thinking these pieces of art just came out of no where, or at least thats what it seems like to me.  Although this process doesn't happen all the time but when it does I don't waste my time trying to fight it anymore.  I call this process "The in betweens" because they usually are finished in between a bigger piece that I have allot of passion for at the moment.  



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